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Allow your loved one to attend our Lao Seniors Quality of Life Program

This Program serve those 65
and over who:

Do You...

Lao Seniors Quality of Life is a planned program of activities for individuals 65 years or older who require supportive care during the day but can return home in the evenings. The benefits for participants of those services include:

Our activities include:

Available Services:

Trips Opportunities

Lao Seniors Quality of Life (LSQL) is a program for Lao seniors and their caregivers will stay healthy and remain in their homes, and is based on Lao language, culture and beliefs and staffed by Lao speaking employees and volunteers. Utilizing the Lao Cultural Center (LCC) and existing resources, volunteer support and selected contractors /partners, the Lao Seniors Quality of Life Program bilingual program for Lao seniors result to improve safety and health of ethnic Lao seniors and supports for caregivers that allow them to maintain their own health, emotional and financial wellbeing while caring for an elder.

Our Facility- Lao Cultural Center Education Recreation Health (ERH)

Our Staff:

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"Funded under contract with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MDH).
Lao Seniors Quality of Life
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